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MOS Burger

MOS Burger is so civilized. Sane portions, sodas served in real glasses with coasters, food brought to your table, spotless. I didn’t feel guilty or dinner-wrecking by stopping in for a late afternoon combo.

Mos burger combo

I’m not terribly adventurous because the first and last time I tried MOS in Singapore, I ordered the same thing: the spicy cheeseburger. Strange, because it’s mayonnaisey and that’s not a condiment I normally tolerate. The burger is so foreign that I just have to suspend my prejudices and enjoy the small patty doused in mild chopped onion chile sauce, and bolstered by cheese, a fat tomato slice and yes, that mayonnaise.

Spicy mos cheeseburger

If I ever find myself near a MOS Burger again, I will try one of the rice burgers using pressed rice spheres for buns. Ebi or unagi?

Mos burger coaster

Bangkok mos burger

MOS Burger * CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. I had the pleasure of my first Mos Burger on my trip to Bangkok earlier this month (I tried out the location at Paragon). I liked that I could eat a meal there without feeling overloaded. I must admit, though, I think I loved the coasters best. Too cute!

    July 22, 2011

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