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About Goodies First

I first realized I had a problem in the second grade. Once, during my brief stint at a backwoods Christian school, I started to eat the dessert out of my brown-bag lunch and the entire class piped up Flanders kids-style, “She ate her goodie first!” I was humiliated (and promptly went back to public school).

Now, I’m resigned to unhealthy fixations with chain restaurants, foreign adaptations of American cuisine, and middle-aged drinking (now with a standalone Tumblr). Sometimes I cook. Sometimes I eat out. And sometimes I write about it, same as I’ve done since the dawn of the millennium. More and more, though, I relegate the what-did-I-eat nonsense to Instagram, as is the fashion now.

This started as a text-only dining journal, a way to catalog my eating experiences and appease my inner librarian (my original profession). Anything service-y is likely accidental; you probably won’t find lists like the “Top 5 Hawker Stalls in Singapore” Maybe you’ll settle for some fleeting food impressions from my first visit to the city-state in 2003, then more informed takes on subsequent returns. It all adds up.

I’ve since come to terms with my goodie-loving ways, and it’s obvious that I’m a glutton for more than just punishment. Goodies first? For now, it looks like I will simply continue to embrace this misguided carpe diem one post at a time.


Krista Garcia

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  1. I’m an old fan of the Scaredy Cat Stalker. Great blog! I was wondering what became of you and if you found happiness. 😉

    July 28, 2014
  2. krista #

    @Caren I love hearing zine voices from the past. I’m not sure if I’ve found happiness–I’ve just shifted my attention from humans to food…

    August 29, 2014

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