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Mosdo Today marks the birth of a mind-blowing Japanese hybrid: MOSDO! A combination MOS Burger/Mister Donut. We only have Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, a pathetic duo not even close to competing with the Japanese capacity for novelty (though it is the perfect subject for a ridiculous catchy song).

From what I can visually deduce, sets are being offered: three burgers that can be paired with three doughnuts and a drink. They also have something called Hot & Cool, a doughnut cut in half and topped with ice cream and a fruity sauce, which I did not see at any of the Bangkok locations last month. (It’s hard to believe that CentralWorld, home to MOS Burger and Mister Donut, and countless hotels are currently closed due to the political unrest in Thailand. This time it’s red shirts. Bangkok was essentially shut down during my originally planned visit late 2008 by yellow shirts. I did find an email from one of the hotels I had booked kind of charming, “Your money has been refunded due to the political.” I have referred to this situation as “The Political” ever since. And yes, I realize there are more serious subjects than burgers and doughnuts in the world but this is a food blog.)

You know that this is a Japanese venture because they don’t mingle the two brands too closely. It’s still pure. We would take the next logical step and put a MOS Burger inside a Mister Donut. Duh. It only took a week before the Double Down got Krispy Kreme’d. [Japan Today]

Photo from Yomiuri Online.

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