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I Do(nut): Avocado Appropriation

In a word: No!


I Do(nut): Don’t Get Cold Feet

Would make an exception to my no food-as-props/restaurant proposals ban for this:


I Do(nut): Carl’s Jr. India


“Visit your nearest Carl’s Jr. and propose your Valentine with an Onion Ring in a quirky way.”

I think I’d want more than 20% off for this.

I Do(nut): Red Hot Red Lobster

cheddar bay mixThere’s likely a lame bae pun in this, but I’m just going to give the facts: Green Bay Packer James Jones proposed to his now-wife using Cheddar Bay Biscuits as a romantic foil, as one should.

I would’ve preferred the ring to be inserted into one of the baked goods rather than just placed in the basket. And now you know my preferences, if anyone was getting an idea or anything.

Not Lovin’ It

Staged or not (I kind of think not), being driven to non-joyful tears by an engagement ring in a McDonald’s chicken sandwich is the only rational reaction I’ve ever seen to such an uncalled for food-based proposal.

Shovel Time: Hey, Ladies

BBQ aside, this may be the what ultimately pushes me to visit Kansas City.

Put a Ring In It

When you passively await fixations to blip on your radar, dry spells are a given. (The summer has been upsettingly slow for palate/palette abuse.) Finally, a solid food proposal came my way.

We can all agree this would be more romantic if the ring was oozing out of a molten chocolate cake (heck, even the new cinnamon version), right?

Nordic Love

No word on whether kelp, rhubarb, pine or ramps were involved in the proposal. If it were up to me, I would've had the ring slipped onto a duck neck.

She Said No, Right?

Donut ring

I’ve been patiently waiting for this day to come, the ultimate I Do(nut) moment.

For example, there was the man who wanted to present his
fiancée an engagement ring inside a cronut. Unfortunately, they'd sold out by
the time he reached the front of the line. "He came back the next
day," Mr. Ansel marveled. "He was first in line. He delayed his
proposal because he wanted to get a cronut."  [WSJ via Eater NY]

Doughnt Diamond Rings photo: sarahlouisematthews/etsy

The Bling Ring

Nugget ring

#9, the best of the worst.

Photo: jay lawrence goldman via junebugweddings via buzzfeed