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Hua Hin Night Market

  Much of the food at the touristy Hua Hin night market is unremarkable, and whatever you do don't get suckered into one of the "Western" sit down restaurants along the perimeters hawking steak and potatoes to Germans and Swedes.

Hua hin night market steak

Steak was a prominent marketing buzzword in Hua Hin. I guess they've determined that foreigners really want their beef, and not in a Thai salad.

Hua hin night market mini bar

Hua hin night market whiskey sour

There was no resisting the novelty of having a 100 Baht ($3) whiskey sour at one of the three-seat bar stands, though.

Hua hin night market cocktail menu

It took strength to ignore the pink lady on the menu. Surprisingly, no grasshopper. 

Hua hin night market nam prik stall

This nam prik stall was mobbed the night before. I pushed my way to the front to sample some chile pastes and ended up buying a sweet, fishy one. I later saw the woman running the operation and in the picture on top of the stall, on a billboard. I guess this a well known brand, at least locally.

Hua hin night market dried meat

We picked up some unusually expensive pork jerky (front and center). Fatty and unchewable at the same time.

Hua hin night market seafood

I stayed away from the seafood, as I was certain it came with a marked-up price.

Churooo love

Churros? Churrooo? It's all about love.

Hua hin night market curries

This was more my speed. Nothing makes me happier than rows of curries. Two stands compete for attention at the far end of the market where the crowds aren't.

Hua hin night market catfish & pork

Fried catfish with chile and basil and something porky with green beans. Regular Hua Hin cuisine was not timid with spice. The razor clam curry we ate at La Mer, some street som tam and this duo all surprised with their powerful burn. We ate refined Thai-esque fare at our hotel's luxurious Oceanside restaurant, right on the beach, our last night and wished we had came back to the market for more $2 curry.

Hua Hin Night Market * Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin, Thailand

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