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Browned Out


If for some strange reason anyone was curious about brown rice sushi, I’ll save you the trouble. It sucks. I should be avoiding rice in general, sushi rice specifically (it’s sugared, which not everyone seems to know) but I wanted something fishy and Japanese for lunch yesterday. I would’ve been fine with sashimi. Sometimes I prefer sashimi but that seems like something that should be ordered fresh and I only had time for take out not for a sit down meal.

I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo. But as you can see from the borrowed pic (misguidedly titled The Perfect Meal) it looks like poop. (I would much prefer blue sushi.) There were bits of eel and avocado inside, I could see them with my eyes but the heavy, oatmealy rice dominated every bite. Never again.

Oh, and I have to review a restaurant this weekend that serves sushi (as well as Mexican, Cajun and bbq–wtf is right) and I’m not sure what I’ll do. Honestly, I don’t think a few pieces of sushi are going to lead to diabetic foot rot and blindness but I’m trying to be conscientious.

I had no idea that basmati is less glycemic (I hate delving into the world of low glycemic blogs because I think there's a lot of quackery, and fervent regimen followers scare me) than other white rices and almost on par with brown rice. I realize that’s no help for sushi, but from now on if the urge for rice strikes I’ll stick with basmati or the not-terribly-offensive brown jasmine I picked up at Trader Joe’s.

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