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Noodles by Any Other Name

Supernoodles1 Every other month (is that semi-monthly or bi-monthly…or neither?) I get excited when my Kraft Food & Family arrives in the mail. Such awesome use of Kraft ingredients where they have no right being used, enthralls me every time. 

This issue’s winner is the scrumptious sounding Spaghetti with Zesty Bolognese. There’s nothing like a little Italian dressing and Philadelphia cream cheese to spruce up a classic. But I guess no harm done if Americans want to mess around with meat sauce.

If I’m correct, spaghetti bolognese is sort of a British bastardization, anyway. And even more disturbing than adding dressing and cream cheese to tomato sauce, is how English refer to the dish as spag bol. Nobody should diss the United States’ culinary sensibilities as long as Oriental Spag Bol is allowed to exist across the Atlantic.

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  1. gena #

    I made that recipe and it tasted like vomit.

    March 29, 2006

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