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Mexico city chicken

I was getting a little concerned that the Middle
East was hogging all the international Cheesecake Factories for itself. No
worries (ha, why does everyone hate "no problem" and "no
worries" so much?) Mexico and Chile (and possibly Argentina, Brazil,
Colombia and Peru) will see at least 12 locations in the next eight years. I do
wonder if Mexico City, the first recipient, will put Mexico City Chicken, i.e. "fresh
lime chicken breasts over black beans and chicken chorizo, with white rice and spicy
tomato sauce. topped with roasted corn salsa," on the menu.

Brazil, Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic
may not be seeing Cheesecake Factories any time soon, however, these countries
will possibly be consoled by Darden brands like Red Lobster, Olive Garden and
Longhorn Steakhouse.
Sorry, no Bahama Breeze.

No one in Columbia or Peru probably asked for a Sbarro, but too bad. If the existing Mexican Sbarros are any indication, the other Latin American markets won't see a single nod to localization. The elusive Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak pizza survives south of the border, though.

Mexico City chicken photo: Lon&Queta/Flickr

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