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Christmas Eve Links

Last week got away from me. I wrote about smorrebrod
at Aamanns
, a new Danish offshoot, for Serious Eats, and also contributed to
Real Cheap Eats' latest batch of reviews (yes, I have an obsession with Yip's).

This was also a super chain-y week. Everyone got caught up
with Pizza Hut's Double Sensation and Brazilian burger joint, Bob's, using
edible wrappers
(no idea who mentioned it first, but I saw on Springwise) "Starbucks Evenings" expanded (not to be outdone by
Club Applebee's) while Darden realized that no revamping will draw youngsters
to Olive Garden or Red Lobster
(and yes, that "Dinner Today, Dinner Tomorrow" campaign was confusing, right?)

King returned to France
after a 15-year absence. I imagine a Whopper will be called a Whopper. The first KFC opened in the Ukraine, and yes, there was a line.

And on Craigslist a "small restaurant from Barcelona" is looking for waitstaff for something described as "50's Americana meets Barcelona in the Lower East side." What?

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