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Baby’s First Hooters

Hooters kids menu

I only became aware of The Tilted Kilt after taking a Hunch quiz last year to guide me to the best chain restaurant. I’m still not sure why I got the scantily-clad Scottish theme.

An article in this month’s Entrepreneur explains the success of such “breastaurants.” I wouldn’t think one would need to dig further than boobs, beer and wings, but I learned a few things:

  • The menus are considered “upscale comfort food.” Nothing downscale about Gaelic Chicken (chicken breasts with a “to-die-for Irish Whisky Cream Sauce”) and Danny Boy’s Shepherd’s Pie.
  • The Tilted Kilt is not “sexy stupid or sexy trashy” but “sexy classy, sexy smart or sexy cute.”
  • Tilted Kilt servers do not “slip food to you around the corner” like at those non-sexy restaurants where waiters hide behind walls. Instead they practice “touchology.”
  • Mugs 'N Jugs is a “crass” name, not anything like Hooters or Twin Peaks.
  • At Twin Peaks, when ordering a beer you will be asked “Do you want the man size or the girl size?” Women, presumably order wine offered in three styles: red, white and pink. I don’t know who orders the G.I.L.F., described as “Grand Marnier with Raspberry. Not your typical GrandMa.”

In related news, a group of middle-schoolers ate at a Hooters as part of a Baltimore field trip. This is not the first time a field trip has shown up at Hooters, and it probably won’t be the last. Youngsters are totally welcome at breastaurants.

Kids a.k.a. Mountain Scouts eat free at Twin Peaks on Saturday and Sunday. A similar special runs at select Hooters and Tilted Kilt. Family fun.

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