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Chain Links: Pizza Pizza Pizza

Saudi dq
If you need any further evidence of NYC’s third world-ness, witness the brand new two-story Dairy Queen in Saudi Arabia. How can the Middle East have the largest DQ in the world (with two more locations on the way) when we live Blizzard-free here?

If Subway can do it, why not Quiznos? The sandwichery will be moving into Brazil, India and Kuwait this year and has its eye on more than 40 other countries.

Domino’s isn’t doing so well in China because it’s not a country of cheese-lovers.

It’s hard to believe that Yum! Brands, parent to Pizza Hut and KFC, hasn’t ventured into Argentina yet. Based on my experience at Guerrin, porteños are the opposite of the Chinese. No amount of cheese is enough.

More pizza. California Pizza Kitchen broke out of its Golden State confines long ago, and Taiwan is the chain’s latest geographic target. China already has CPK, and cheese-wary or not, they do have many pizzas we don’t. Red curry duck?  Roast duck? I want the pork belly with mustard greens and cilantro.

Because the British vacation in Florida so much, Pollo Tropical might just succeed in the UK.

Kuwait’s first Pinberry has become “the number one Pinkberry in the world.

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