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A True Ice Cream Sandwich


Sandwiches. Are we tired of them yet? Things stuffed between bread seem to be getting an awful lot of attention lately. (Maybe I’m just cranky because I’ve been trying to limit my bread intake.) My attention did get grabbed by Saveur’s inclusion of my favorite non-savory sandwich that I’ve never actually eaten, the loti.

It’s one thing to plan a vacation to somewhere steamy and tropical. Looking at outdoor food photos, beforehand, running all over town tracking down never-seen-in-NYC delights sounds fun. In the swamp-like reality, if you pass a guy selling rainbow ice cream sandwiches and have the intention of returning later, you will not because a ten minute walk in 90-degree-humidity knocks the food blogger right out of you. Irrational decisions are made. Regrets are felt back in the relative cool comfort of a squashed A train.

Even if it’s just dyed white bread and ice cream, I love the looks of this treat. Please don’t take my artificial coloring away. Normally, it’s not open-faced topped with numerous scoops of ice cream like in the above photo, but served with the bread folded over a rectangular slab.

Photo credit: Todd Coleman/Saveur

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