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We Can All Get Along in Cheddar Bay

Menu-lighthouse-callout The Atlanta Post, an African-American news site, attempts “Understanding Red Lobster’s Popularity Among Black Diners.” Dubious conclusion: blacks eat more fried fish than whites. Commenters not happy.

Somehow, not even at my suggestion, I ended up at a Red Lobster on Long Island the first weekend I moved to NYC, nearly 13 years ago. I (sometimes) hate perpetrating stereotypes, but yes, my group of four near-strangers was the only white party in the entire restaurant, a change for someone who had been living in the whitest city in America, days earlier. I figured that was just New York, not Red Lobster, specifically. I didn't know about the allure of fried fish.

Nearly unrelated: it always weirds me out how in Singapore they use the terms Jap food and Jap restaurant innocently.

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