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Blizzard+Cabin Fever=Hawaiian Dreaming

Makittii-Hawaii-Flyer-Front Just last night, which happened to be Christmas, Hawaii randomly came up and not just because we had just been at Painkiller (the only group in the entire place!). One friend has expressed interest in moving there, but hasn’t visited said she didn’t like Polynesian food (because I’m a nit-picky doubter, I would be surprised if she has ever been presented with poke, poi or lau lau. And to be fair, my only experience with the cuisine were a few childhood meals–one, where I grossed out other kids by eating octopus tentacles and goopy, mauve, pounded taro from the buffet table, which was I thought was the point of putting food out to eat–with various Hawaiian friends of the family).

I’d like to go one day, if only because it feels like such an ‘80s American fantasy honeymoon destination. My issue has always been that if I’m going to travel that far (oh, I just realized it’s only ten hours, no longer a flight than going to Buenos Aires) and spend that kind of money, I’d rather just go to SE Asia.

But now that I know about Makitti, a Hello Kitty-themed Japanese seafood buffet in Honolulu, my tune has changed a bit. 

Also, if this blizzard clears up, I plan on checking out L&L tomorrow since it’s near my office. Do you think Hawaii would be too much of a stretch to use for Fast Food International?

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