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Renovation Realities

Fulton mall

Applebee's franchises must remodel every six years and spend at least $200,000 per store. Does a 2009 Applebee's really look that different from a 2003 Applebee's? They all feel early '90s to me.

But now the company is planning a major restyling. The only hints given in the Wall Street Journal

are "upgraded exteriors, warmer color tones and, possibly, fewer tchotchkes" and "may see the walls, traditionally cluttered with framed photos of local scenes, incorporate wall paintings or other artwork evoking the neighborhood."

Do I hear skepticism in "possibly" and "may?" Lovers of clutter and tchotchkes need not worry about the Applebee's of the 2010s.

I am, however, looking forward to the artwork that will evoke the Fulton Mall. Cell phones, glasses, wigs and sneakers?

Photo from Bridge and Tunnel Club

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