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Chain Links: Hipster Black Shirts

Ruby tuesday

Slate asks why Arby's is struggling more than other fast food chains. Moneybox columnist Daniel Gross thinks it's the low quality meat, lack of healthy options and "killer non-meat app." Hey, what do you call that Jamocha shake?

Meanwhile, Brooklynites who don't care about taste and fast food salads will soon be treated to the borough's first Arby's in the historically landmarked Gage & Tollner space.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ruby Tuesday has spent around $100 million in efforts to create more upmarket food, service and decor, pretty gutsy in this economy. Will servers "clad in hipster black shirts and black pants," lobster tails and wine suggestions work for a chain best known for its burgers?

Tidbits I didn't previously know: Ruby Tuesday owns an inn called RT Lodge that used to only be for managers but is now open to the public (road trip?). Also, Peter Glander, Ruby Tuesday's executive chef (pictured above with the chain's founder) used to be a sous-chef at The Modern.

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