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Celebrity Diets

Readingrainbow.jpg Before doing whatever it is you do on a Memorial Day weekend, take a second (a minute would be too long) to ponder these recent celebrity food queries that have sadly led strangers to my site. Sad, because I'm of no help.

dose zack efron like steak and apples blended?

Levar burton wasabi

Personally, I have no opinion on whether Disney stars like eating baby food (though, apparently, he has indulged in a meat-fruit shake) but any mention of Geordi La Forge brings a smile to my face. I bet the man likes wasabi. @levarburton has 534,036 followers on Twitter, maybe I should just ask him how he feels about the spicy root.

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  1. Forget Ugly Floral Blouse and Baby Palate, I need to name something Levar Burton Wasabi right NOW. Too bad I’m not starting a band or a magazine.

    May 22, 2009
  2. That’s what pets are for.

    May 25, 2009

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