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Cheese Sandwiches Are a Dish Best Served Cold

Confused as to why a cold cheese sandwich, fruit and carton of milk is somehow more punitive than going lunchless. Isn’t free blah food better than no food at all? I ate many a PB&J/orange (ok, I might've also gotten a granola bar) bagged lunch in grade school and managed to survive. And please don't tell me this is about self-esteem.

Then again,  I used to sneak pinches of processed American cheese out of my school cafeteria's walk-in fridge so I probably would've enjoyed a cold cheese sandwich. Yes, I've written about processed cheese on more than one occasion–here and here–because I love it that much.

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  1. Jane Minty #

    It’s a variation on the system that requires free and reduced lunch kids to use tickets of a different color than the others. I can’t count how many times I took great pains to carefully conceal my ticket or block the view of presenting it to the cashier if a crush was behind me in line.

    February 28, 2009
  2. Jane Minty: I hear you. I do realize it’s more about being singled out for being lower income than having to eat the cheese sandwich. A friend in college told me that she always envied the brown bag kids because as a subsidized lunch eater she was required to get her reduced price hot lunch every day and that set her apart. I guess it’s about fitting in or not which is pretty much what life is about from ages 6-18. Or for some it never ends.

    February 28, 2009

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