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Sick But Not Homesick

I've been trying to be negative, as is my usual way, but this is devolving into the worst vacation ever. My mild sniffles have turned into an ear and throat ache and James' cold and cough that he left NYC with has turned into something where he can't breathe or walk more than ten feet without hyperventilating. We considered going to the emergency room last night and I think we're going to have to go to the hospital today (Friday morning) because it's getting worse. I think it's severe bronchitis, at least I hope so, because respiratory ailments in Singapore and Hong Kong (where we're supposed to be tomorrow) are very serious post-SARS. If it's pneunonia they will send up back to the US. I'm afraid showing up with breathing problems and a cough is going to fuck up the rest of this vacation. At least I don't think either of us has a fever, which would be the kiss of death. And it's all because of Thailand. If we were there like we were meant to be this week, we could just buy amoxicillin over the counter. You can't just go to a clinic in Singapore and ask for antibiotics, they're going to x-ray, lord knows what else and quarantine you or something.

I had planned on trying the DiFara of rojak today but it appears that I'll be in a hospital waiting room. And if you never hear from me again, I'm stuck in a Singaporean isolation ward.

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  1. It’s 2:30pm Singapore time…hope you guys have left the hospital by now and are feeling better!

    December 5, 2008
  2. goodness girl…this is turning into a nightmare of a vacation that doesn’t end!

    God, I hope you both feel better soon!


    December 5, 2008
  3. Yeah, I don’t know what sort of life lesson I’m supposed to be getting from this. Never had so much trauma on a vacation before. At least I got Singapore Vein Centre to show up in my Google ads. Creepy.

    December 5, 2008
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