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Green bean salad

I just accidentally discovered a perfect Thanksgiving side dish. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until next year to be put into play.

I was trying to use up leftovers in the house so things won’t rot while I’m out of town. Cooked turkey breast and green beans led me adapting a chopped wing bean salad, a favorite that I make occasionally.

After adding more coconut milk than called for (there’s no way the whole can will get used up by Thursday so I increased the ¼ cup to one) and a topping of fried sliced shallots and garlic, I was struck by the resemblance to green bean casserole. In fact, I thought the same thing last time I made this dish. I’m forgetful but consistent.

All you would have to do is remove the poultry and swap coconut milk for cream of mushroom soup. You could even use the classic French’s fried onions. Once diners got over the shock of a cold dish rather than a warm bubbly one (who needs hotdish, anyway? I'm not from the Midwest) there would probably be a few holiday converts. At least I’d hope so. Traditionalists might still balk at fish sauce and chiles on the Thanksgiving table.

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