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Denim Shorts, You Com-Pleat Me

There was a time, oh say, two-and-a-half years ago when I was pointlessly outraged at the return of leggings. And yet I’m wearing a pair this very second. Apparently, some horrible fashions have ways of worming their way into our lives.

These high-waisted, pleated and bulging at the hip denim shorts are not one of them. Yes, I realize these are intended for young ladies, which I am not. But could any female, even one with the figure of a 10-year-old boy really pull these off? This pair is also quite frightening, especially if you even had the slightest hint of a paunch.

Who knows, though. Check back on me in 2010 and I could quite possibly be wearing the most stonewashed, pleated, high-waisted shorts you’ve ever seen. Um, but they'll probably come from Silhouettes or something.

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