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Kashi peanut butter bar and coffee
10:30am Black coffee and a Kashi bar, peanut butter this time.

Cheese and crackers

1:20pm Good ol’ Wasa crackers and Laughing Cow cheese. When I was a kid Laughing Cow cheese was a special treat that I only got when we went to the coast (Canon Beach) maybe once or twice a year. It seemed fancy at the time, gourmet, French, never mind that it’s not even real cheese (or is it? The fact that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated is kind of distressing). The processed cheese has certainly lost its allure for me over the years, especially since I can just buy it in bulk at Costco now.

Hale and hearty chicken chowder

2:10pm Chicken chowder and multigrain bread.  I normally get the split pea with ham, so this was totally wild. Crazy.

Leftover chicken  

6:43pm  Leftover chicken from Tuesday.

Chile garlic shrimp

9:40pm Chile-garlic shrimp and brown rice. This was tasty and vaguely Spanish tapas-ish (minus the brown rice) but I totally could’ve eaten double the amount. 

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  1. desigooner #

    dang .. too much of health food 🙂 .. and it’s been ages since i even saw a mention of laughing cow cheese by anyone (forget the fact that i haven’t had it since childhood i guess) . i just loved the way it almost melts in your mouth…

    May 24, 2008

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