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Marcona almonds

8:57am Marcona almonds.

Bagel and coffee

10:28am After seeing my food laid out like this, I realized what a cheerless workaday existence I have. No wonder I’m always listless and cranky (I don’t know where the idea that cutting down carbs increases energy originated. Same with that wretched master cleanse that two friend are currently doing for reasons beyond comprehension. I don’t see how subsisting on liquid for 10 days could possibly give you so-called clarity.)  So, I rectified that with a bagel and cream cheese. Oh yes, I’m cutting loose early for the holiday weekend. I have not partaken in my office’s “Bagel Friday” since February, but I don’t think a little fluffy bread every now and then is going to cause organ failure or something.

Green apple 

1:30pm That damn bagel threw off my schedule so now I’m back to fruit and vegetables. Ok, just apples. Um, plus I’m thinking of where to eat tonight and I haven’t Thai in ages and that will inevitably involve fried pork and lots of coconut milk so I have to cool my jets.

Vegetarian chicken salad pita

3:57pm I got to leave work at 3pm, so I picked up my recent inexplicable fascination, the vegetarian chicken salad sandwich at a deli in the neighborhood just in time to tune in to Judge Judy, and it was a freaking repeat. That is no way to kick off the weekend.

Huh, I just saw a commercial for Bagelfuls (I have bagels on the brain). Sure, the product is weird but I was more baffled by the two ladies featured in the ad eating said weird foodstuff while standing on a bus. Do white women in suits ride the bus to work? That’s not really been my experience in NYC which is more subway-oriented, nor Portland where only spazzes rode public transportation. The premise doesn’t ring true to me, but I would totally try a Bagelful is someone offered me one.

Hummus and wasa crackers 

6:30pm Wasa crackers and “supremely spicy” hummus.

8-ish I haven’t been to Sripraphai since February when my sister was in town, so a visit was overdue. I can’t believe the crowds that have developed over the past few years. When we left there were at least 30 people outside waiting to get in. From a distance is looked like a club scene. I don’t like club scenes.

We went a little overboard with fried things. I probably ate half of the crispy watercress salad and a third of everything else.

Sripraphai watercress salad 
Crispy watercress salad

Sripraphai soft shell crab
Soft shell crab with chile and basil.

Sripraphai crispy pork with basil and chile
Crispy pork with chile and basil. Hmm…two chile and basil dishes weren't probably neccessary. The pork and crabs tasted very different, though. This was dry and rich while the crabs were saucier.

Sripraphai green curry
Green curry with duck. I never order plain ol' red or green curries, but this was better than expected and super spicy. Much more so than any of the other dishes. There were also sliced chiles, tomatoes and pineapple chunks in the mix.

Singha beer   
Oh, and just one beer. I had a horrible headache all night and didn't feel like drinking, and that's just not like me.

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