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Coffee and oatmeal

10:25am Trader Joe’s cranberry oatmeal and extra large black coffee. I’m convinced that my coffee cart guy totally did see me at a competitor yesterday because this morning he said, “long time, no see” and I swear there was a darkness to this seemingly benign pleasantry. I got nervous and offered, “oh, I got to work late yesterday,” which was true but not so late that I didn’t get coffee across on the other side of Broad St.

Green apple

12:13pm This is the same apple pic from yesterday but the apple itself was slightly higher caliber. Still boring, though. In fact, my weekday food is almost always boring and I can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled about it. The monotony is bringing me down. But it tends to balance out weekend excess, which I haven’t got to yet. And being a three-day weekend, there's going to be trouble…

Pret a manger chicken provencal

2:15pm “No Bread Grilled Chicken Provencal” from Pret a Manger. I am still not clear how this line differs from their salads. I hate paying $6.97 for a salad that’s not even giant, but I like this better than those pick a mix deals. Maybe I just pick poorly because mine always end up mediocre and the ratio of stuff to lettuce seems wrong—there’s no way so many things are remotely healthy (um, but it’s my fault for choosing heftier stuff like dried cranberries, almonds, blue cheese and smoked turkey).

Yogurt and agave

4:50pm Yogurt with agave sweetener. Yep, repetitive. That's not really Pelligrino. Well, it was at one point, but I refill the bottle with tap water at home and water cooler water at work, and I usually hang on to it for 2-3 weeks. I really only drink water, and if I'm not drinking water I'm drinking alcohol. Those are my only two beverages. Oh, and coffee, but that's not like a beverage.

Cheese crackers salumi

8:17pm Kashi TLC Mediterranean Bruschetta Party Crackers with manchego and assorted salumi, capicola and something else.

Steak salad with miso dressing

9:45pm Grilled steak, salad and miso dressing. I didn’t intend to eat two main course salads today and it’s totally inappropriate for the soggy weather. I really only can handle salads when it’s warm out. This wasn’t half-bad, and I managed to get it together in time to watch the American Idol winner announcement. Even though I don’t care for the show, I need to know who wins these things.

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  1. Wow, you meals are so light. I wish I could eat this healthy. I’ll have to try the Fage yogurt with syrup sometime.

    May 22, 2008

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