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Chicken salad sandwich

1:58pm Chicken salad sandwich. I still had chicken leftover from earlier in the week and while some might think Monday chicken is iffy on Sunday I’m ok with six-day-old food. I mixed in green onions, chile sauce, tomatoes and a touch of light mayonnaise.

Francesco veal parmigiana

 4:45pm Veal parmigiana hero. Ok, this is incredibly random. Last week I was assigned to review swanky Grayz while this week I happened to get the pizza place up the street from my apartment. This was kind of unfortunate because Italian-American food is probably my least favorite cuisine on the planet (it’s not offensive, just meh).  I did eat a third of this sandwich, though. It wasn’t a bad rendition, but it’s just not my thing.

Leftover chicken salad

8:02pm Remaining chicken salad with Wasa crackers.

Dry sauteed string beans

10pm James wanted to make Sichuan dry-sautéed string beans. It’s supposed to be beans with a bit of pork but he seemed to have reversed the proportions. Not that pork isn’t tasty.

Leftover curry

10:30pm Leftover (lots of leftovers today) green curry with duck and brown rice. It doesn't look pretty.

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