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Yogurt and granola

12:57pm Greek yogurt with a crumbed up trail mix variety Kashi TLC bar mixed in. Sometimes I’ll also include a drizzle of my trusty agave sweetener or a spoonful of no sugar added fruit spread, but really the granola bar is sweet enough if you’re not a total sweet tooth.

Hummus and wasa crackers 

3:37pm I have an addiction to Sabra hummus. Seriously. It’s my go-to I’m starving snack.

Baby carrots

4:05pm Not crazy about carrots, not one bit. But I need something fiber-y to last me ‘til dinner. This is my portable travel snack while shopping in New Jersey.

Cheetos cracker trax   

5:20pm I managed to make it out of Target junk food-free. I used to have a serious Poppycock problem that I quit cold turkey earlier this year. But James broke out some Cheetos Cracker Trax in the car and I’m a sucker for new inexplicable brand name treats so I had to sample these. I only ate four paw-shaped crackers. They weren’t really spicy, just faux cheesey like Cheese Nips.

Bonefish grill martini

8:30pm We made reservations at Bonefish Grill because we’re classy like that. A new location to me in Roselle Park, not the one in New Brunswick that I’d visited previously (you don't need a proper review because it's a chain and how different can they be?). I had a martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives at the bar because it was the only cocktail that didn’t contain sugar or fruit or juice, or God forbid, chocolate, plus it was only $7.90 (all the drinks had bizarre non-rounded prices) which is pretty reasonable for such a drink. There’s one plus to suburban drinking.

I'm still a little weirded out by Bonefish's affinity for '80s music, and not the '80s music that annoys me a la Nu Shooz. I wasn't really paying attention but I did catch Bryan Ferry and Split Enz on this occasion.

Bonefish grill bacon wrapped scallops

We split the Bacon-Wrapped Atlantic Sea Scallops topped with chutney and served with mango salsa. The chutney was kind of bitter and horseradishy. I’m not sure if that was a good thing.

Bonefish grill soft shell crabs

Very strange that I would eat soft shell crabs twice in two nights, considering I only eat the delicacy maybe once or twice a year normally. But they were a special and I acquiesced. It wasn’t until we were heading back to Brooklyn that I remembered I received a promotional Bonefish email last week touting their soft shell crabs (yes, I’m on their mailing list—same for Melting Pot, of course). Do you think I was semi-subconsciously influenced?

Bonefish grill sauvignon blanc

I don’t know that I’ve ever ordered a bottle of wine in a chain restaurant before. But here we were with a Brancott Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It was a screw cap, which gave our exhaustingly perky waitress trying to use a corkcrew considerable trouble.

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