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Hungry Like the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Warren_cuccurulloI can’t ignore that every single blurb on new Soho Vietnamese eatery Bun, mentions that “former Duran Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo” is co-owner. Warren Cuccurullo isn’t a real Duran Duran member, ok? Never was. Whether Bun is worth visiting is beside the point, no decrepit Duranie should abide such sacrilege.

While I see the fun immediacy in texting in IMing, I still find it hard to believe that only a decade ago, people, low-level celebrities included, actually wrote handwritten letters and months might go between correspondence. After once referring to All-American Girl as unstalkable in print (there was no Googling this shit), I got a letter from Margaret Cho.

I was probably taken to task, but what I remember most about her missive was that she’d attended some Duran Duran related event, got drunk and went over to Warren Cuccurullo’s mom and started in on how he wasn’t a real Duran Duran member. I could only applaud this misguided effort to right the wrongs of music’s past.

Sure, Warren replaced Andy, the gross unlovable Duran Duran member, but if I heard Andy Taylor was opening a Thai restaurant in Tribeca, I’d hotfoot it over immediately. Even though I’m sure the curries would suck. At least Andy would wear a shirt.

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  1. lisa #

    OMG… I was just talking with someone the other day about Missing Persons (the band I associate WC with–had no idea about the Duran Duran connection). We were reminiscing about 80’s married band members (Dale and Terry Bozzio in MP; John Doe and Exene Cervenka in X; etc

    Maybe I’m a freak, but I (still) find John Doe hot.

    November 8, 2007
  2. nada na #

    Siracha suace is A THailand’s brand..not vietnamese:))

    July 1, 2009
  3. nada na: Sure, sriracha is originally a Thai sauce but the brand that’s popular in America (and used in my lovely graphic) is Huy Fong, from a Vietnamese company and you’ll always see it at Vietnamese restaurants here.

    July 1, 2009

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