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My Ugly Mug(s)


I barely touch eBay anymore; it’s too much of a time and money-sucker (though occasionally I get wrapped up with Etsy). But last month I couldn’t resist these freaky little mugs representing different body parts like gall bladder, kidney and triglycerides. I haven’t decided where to put them, so for now they’re sitting on top of a shelf at eye level. 

“What if they came alive?” James asked the other day. Um, that would be pretty fucking scary but coming from a grown heterosexual man who has numerous nutcrackers strewn throughout the apartment (after three years I still can’t abide this whole blended décor thing) I think we have bigger concerns.

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  1. fbl #

    I am not afraid to admit that these are the cutest fucking things in the entire would and I would’ve purchased them myself.

    August 21, 2007
  2. I’d never even heard of Actos and their cast of characters, but now I’m obsessed. And there are plushes on eBay as I type…

    August 21, 2007

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