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Heavy Hearted

This is the first year that I haven’t had any Valentine’s plans on Feb. 14 proper (though it’s still not too late for a Norbit viewing later tonight). I took James out to Ureña last night (my non-home computer crashes every time I try uploading my ever-so-important take on this restaurant) and he was intending to take me out to Moto tomorrow evening. But I’m starting to get scared with all this blizzard shit. Because I’m a nervous nellie, I checked all American Airlines flights from La Guardia to O’Hare today and they’ve been cancelled. If this shit keeps up till tomorrow morning someone’s going to be in a world of hurt (I haven’t decided who yet). It’s not like we can change our reservation on such short notice either (and I’ve wasted a lot of time crafting a jam-packed itinerary that includes deep dish pizza, carnitas, birria, brats and kugelis with detailed subways and walking directions). I’m very afraid that this is shaping up to be the worst day after Valentine’s Day ever.

My favorite illiterate romantic photo from yesterday's internets.

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