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Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

Because I've included a frightening day of the birthday photo for at least the past few years, I feel compelled to continue the tradition despite going against better judgment (I mean the sweaty/greasy face factor-it's a problem with summer birthdays). 34So, now you know what 34 looks like. I was hoping the bout with bad skin and my digestive tract would be it, but now it seems like memory loss is settling in too. Somehow I forgot my wallet at home today, which only became apparent when I went to get something to eat for lunch and didn't have it on me. It's wasn't the end of the world (I bummed $6 and got a Subway turkey and provolone sandwich. I don't think Jared eats them with cheese, but how much fat can a little processed slice of dairy product really contain? Oh, it's right on the napkin-two cheese triangles have 3.5 grams of fat and 40 calories. Don't you love nutritional info printed right on the napkin?) but it seems very stupid, even kind of stupider than forgetting keys and being locked out. Then, as I was about ready to leave work I started giving back the $2 I had leftover from my borrowed lunch money and it occurred to me  that I used the last $2 on my Metrocard this morning so I wouldn't even be able to get home on it. Thank god I'm a cheap luncher or else I would've been stuck, penniless in midtown like when Jane Curtain on Kate & Allie got treated like a homeless person after she left her purse in a cab. Of course that scenario would never happen today because Allie would have her trusty cell phone or Blackberry on her.

I was taken out to Cookshop for my birthday, and it was very solid and enjoyable. It was food food, if that means anything. I got some cash from my mom and a Chococat bag and that box of See's candy that gave me gut trouble and a used book, Before You Say "I Quit!" I got a little cash from my grandma too. I usually use her funds to buy a sandwich or two for lunch. Sandwiches of the fancy ilk, non-Subway stuff like the pulled duck confit one (the description cracks me up with its specificity and I don't know whey they spell out three but not seven: three sprout salad, 7 minute eggs, young pickles, sweet garlic-Pommery mustard dressing, ciabatta) I had Wed. from Starwich. That thing was pure fat and I didn't need a nutritional content napkin to tell me so. James gave me a Sephora gift certificate and Fodors and Let's Go Barcelona guides. I also got a Barcelona guide Le Cool from my sister. Unfortunately, I won't be able to completely read up on the city by next Thurs. when I head out.

I'm so so inexplicably exhausted and I don't think it has anything to do with aging. Maybe it's the weather, maybe I'm under the weather, it might be this job which I need a vacation from desperately even if it's only a week and a half. I'm finally starting to get excited about getting out of the city.

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