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It Always Comes Back to Depends

Yeah, I've slacked for a couple of weeks, but this Friday I'm back (one can only spend so much time working when said work involves searching publications like Infection Control Today and Assisted Living Consult for hours on end. Those aren't made up magazines, by the way).

Ccdevillepinkhair2iv 1. C.C. DeVille bladder problem

You may not know this, but I have a soft spot for C.C. DeVille. I really warmed to him after seeing one of those Behind the Music episodes where he talked about a period after quitting drugs where he got fat and moved in with his mother in Brooklyn. There were photos and he was totally huge. I really loved the idea of this former made-up, bleached-out Poison member all hefty and downtrodden with that raspy voice living with his mom in Bay Ridge or wherever. His real name is Bruce, you know. No one appreciates a washed-up fatso in L.A. (or anywhere, for that matter).

As to a bladder problem? That, I don't know. Perhaps the searcher is confusing their Surreal Life participants. It was Verne Troyer who peed on the floor in season 4. While C.C. is quite short, I don't think he's 2'8".

2. Mormon recipes "sweet soup"

I'd never given much thought to Mormons having a unique cuisine and I'm not sure that I like the sound of sweet soup. As many know, Utah is the most Jell-O crazy of all 50 states. I'm starting to suspect that sweet soup is simply hot water with Jell-O powder dissolved into it, the pre-gelling stage. You know, kind of how cookie dough went from being a raw in-progress item to finished edible product loved by all. Eating raw, hot Jello water and calling it soup is just the kind of thing Mormons would do. I know, I've seen Big Love.

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    February 22, 2012

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