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Pressed Sandwiches are the New Lemonade

If you’re not from around here and/or you don’t quite get why I get irrationally irked by neighborhoods like mine full of educated white people  with babies, dogs, SUVs and holier than though attitudes (I guess I’m a relatively schooled Caucasian, who is occasionally self-righteous—it must be the accoutrements that turn people into beasts because, you know, I'm completely un-beastly) all you need is this one photo (ok, there are two).

Ok, now do you get it? How can you live in a world where precocious children set up panini stands on street corners? I'm not even going to get into the sitar. Just imagine these rapscallions as adults. I genuinely fear my golden years when these tykes and their progeny become our nation’s movers, shakers and decision makers. I’d better start being nicer to old people or else the circle of life will come around and bite me on my wrinkled ass. I do like panini, though.

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  1. emigre #

    Do you think his mom made them? Or did these kids actually grill these themselves?

    June 24, 2006

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