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Berry Picking & Burnt Bread

Ok, I'm sticking to my Friday vow to help select lost searchers from the past few days. Just this afternoon I received an email from a nice person (and librarian) who accidentally ended up here looking for Rangoon images. That is, the Burmese (ok, Myanmar) city, not my favorite junk "Chinese" food (that I ended up ordering for dinner tonight after being re-reminded of its existence). There's simply no telling where a search engine will take you.

1. escalator mini-dress pictures

Escalator_1  The problem with today's willy nilly Googlers is that they toss phrases in and hope something relevant comes out. Refining searches is where librarians can be useful. It's helpful if you can identify the commonly used term for the vague concept you are interested in.

In this case, that subject would be up skirting. If our Googler had known that, they could've saved time by avoiding Project Me and getting straight to the panties. I'll leave the actual searching to the curious, as my cursory attempt put my computer into pop-up window porn hell.

2. oregonians picked berries now its all Mexicans

Oh, nostalgia…my forte. Please indulge me in some childhood reminiscing. If I remember correctly, growing up in an Oregon suburb there were u-pick fields (keep what you harvest) and pay fields (gleaning fruit for money). Just a couple blocks down the street from my house was a strawberry field that I'm sure is a tacky house or apartment complex now (I'm horrible at deciphering maps, but I am fairly certain this field would've been kind of top and center where that baseball diamond is. I have no idea what that is-I'm 99% sure there wasn't a park in that spot in the '80s. And that new construction to the left was pasture filled with cows. Do I sound like enough of an old-timer for you?) where you'd get paid, I don't know, a couple cents per berry or something. I think me and my sister just went for shits and giggles one afternoon because it wasn't terribly lucrative work.

Despite being half-Mexican we got yelled at by the owner for "creaming his crop" and then he threatened to kick us out. I didn't know what he meant then and I still don't today, though it sounds markedly dirtier as an adult. It's probably for the best that berry-picking is left to the immigrant pros in the NW rather than bored children.

3. my welts were almost gone then i had a beer an i woke up with so many hives

That's not really a question per se, but thank you for sharing. I'm off Aleve after my recent hive incident, but this stranger omission isn't enough to put me off alcohol.

4. san-X Kogepan background

Nyanbaga This is straightforward and the main reason I've included it is because Kogepan's story is so lovably insane. For those not up on their Asian characters beyond Hello Kitty, this anthropomorphic burnt bun is great entry point into the San-X world where a family made of cheese and Beerchan, a beer mug with a face, coexist. My personal favorite is Nyanko, the cats who pose as food (and other objects).

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