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Nothing Suitable

Womensuit_1 Why are women's suits so goddamn ugly? Unless you have a couple thousand dollars to spend and are a size 2, you're shit out of luck because it's poly-blends and weird silhouettes otherwise. It's tricky enough trying to find something stylish and inoffensive in any size, but once you get into the plus territory it's big, big trouble. Whatever you do, don't get fooled into clicking on (well, you can just this once). I never even knew there were categories like Church Ensembles and Mother of the Bride. The website claims that the beauty on the left can't be done justice in a photo. Maybe I should check it out in person?

RoamansAnd the whole misses/women thing is confusing. You'd think misses would be large sizes because it sounds so hideous, but it's not. Women's means large which makes no sense because aren't most adult females women, regardless of size? I guess the opposite is juniors, which is an odd moniker too.

You might imagine why I'd want/need a suit, I don't know if I need to spell it out. Can you imagine showing up anywhere, let alone a highly competitive/conservative organization dressed like this? Actually, if you're a corporate librarian you might. In fact, it might just give that extra edge and I'll fit right in. Billowy and blue is just my style. If that's not dressing for success, I don't know what is.

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  1. Meredith #

    I hate to admit it, but JCPenney has some cool suits in their store (I’m not sure about online). Maybe it’s a trend that’s over (midwesterners are stuck in a time warp), but I love the straight leg pants with small cuffs at the bottom. That’s what I saw last weekend at JCPenneys. In their *misses* section they go up to an 18, but in their *women’s* section they start at 14… that REALLY doesn’t make any sense. Who would wear plus size if they didn’t have to? I’m in the market for a new suit (as I am job shopping also). I’ll let you know any good finds.

    June 8, 2006
  2. I recall looking at suits maybe a year or two ago and being surprised that J.C. Penny actually had some attractive clothes. Who knew?

    I don’t get the regular/plus size overlap either. Old Navy makes regular items up to size 20 and then plus starts at 14. I think plus is cut roomier even it’s the same number as the regular size. I’m cuspy enough to usually be able to wear either regular or plus sizes, and I certainly wouldn’t go into the plus section if it wasn’t needed. It’s a scary place.

    June 8, 2006
  3. Alison #

    I think the scariest place for plus-size is Target at the Atlantic Mall. They don’t even have a sign for it – you just sort of poke around the Maternity area. Other Targets are better. Re – suits – I would try Lord and Taylor or Macys. Or Lands End online?

    June 10, 2006
  4. emigre #

    I’ve seen cute suits at a Kasper ASL store in Riverhead’s Tangier Outlets, if you can make it there. I think Secaucus also has a Kasper store.

    June 10, 2006
  5. Alison: I avoid Atlantic Center Target at all costs, even though it’s (long) walking distance from my apt. Elmhurst is slightly better, but they still have that problem where the maternity section blends into the plus sizes.

    On my last visit there was this 30-something Park Slope type guy in the maternity section, on a cell phone talking to his wife/girlfriend, trying to pick out clothes for her, “I don’t know…this looks really big.” In my opinion: gross not endearing, but whatever. The funny part was that he was browsing and getting dangerously close to the plus sizes. It’s doubtful he would even notice the difference (Liz Lange vs. Merona and Cherokee, duh) but you just know it would give his wife a shit fit he came home with fat lady clothes instead of pregnant lady items.

    Émigré: Ah, outlets aren’t a bad idea. I was thinking about a suburban shopping excursion and this just gives me an excuse.

    June 13, 2006

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