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New, not Necessarily Improved

As anti-blog as I've been, I must come to terms with the fact that the '00s are already more than half over and that there's no going back web-wise. I love making and reading little rickety pages from scratch, but I suspect that I'm in the minority. I've just started seeing the charm in posting pointless photos and pics and now that's passé. It's all about video, apparently. Or is there some brand new medium that's so now that like a hologram appears in your physical space and provides you with content…or maybe the post somehow just beams straight into your mind. Who needs the internet at all?

Do I want to be like the humans on Invasion who keep futilely fighting the hybrid evolution? (I can't believe I just made a TV reference like that, but I loved it on the finale when Larkin, the world's skinniest pregnant woman, got shot and tossed in the water. And now I hear there are no plans for another season. What the fuck? All three spooky shows that debuted last fall–Threshold, Surface and Invasion-have gotten the boot.)

My point is that I just converted my chatty, not thoroughly insightful dining diary that I can't stop doing (babies are now coming out of the womb texting and reflecting over their last meal, but I still can't stop adding to the noise, it's a weird compulsion), Shovel Time, over to Type Pad. It's not like it's a heavily read website anyway, but it drove me insane that everything I wrote took forever to show up in search engines if it showed up at all. My voice will be heard, dammit. Oh, it's still a work in progress–the formatting is off, images are missing, the search seems to be broken. It's all really just one more distraction to keep me from actually trying to do important potentially scary things with my life.

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