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Hackensack of Crap

I'll never hear the end of how I passed over our recent favorite Edison Costcohackensack (location in favor of trying a new Costco. (There was logic behind my choice. I also wanted to go to Trader Joe's and The Melting Pot, which are closer to Hackensack.) While not quite Sunset Park traumatizing, this was not an upper rung version. You know you're in trouble when cars are hovering for available parking spots and customers stalk each other for free carts. Costco is about bounty, plenty, that's the aspect I get off on, and if I'm going to have to push and shove and fend for myself, then I might as well stay home in Brooklyn. Not impressed.

Costcocreek While we were getting ready to head out, an impatient guy waiting for us to vacate our spot shook his head and gave James an exasperated women look and hastily drove off. Instead of helping load groceries into the trunk, I was taking photos of the faade and creepy industrial river behind our car. Big fucking deal, like I was somehow ignoring my wifely duties. Besides, I don't see a ring on my finger, and even if I did I'd still shirk and snap pointless photos. See ya, Hackensack.

Costco * 80 South River St., Hackensack, NJ

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