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Westwood Ho

It feels like I was just here, but I needed to pick up a few items for my post-Thanksgiving dinner party (plus, I was itching to try The Melting Pot down the street). After my recent Monteblue & Populet dabbling, I went back with the original Rosencrunch & Guildenstern (it's been four days since I bought the can and I've had the willpower to leave it unopened. But once that seal is broken, all hell will break loose). I was fairly restrained with my purchases, swooping up a small wedge of Saint Nectaire, packs of prosciutto and smoked salmon, two boxes of individually packaged oatmeal (for breakfast every weekday except Monday when it's bagel day in the office. Bagel day brings more pleasure to my routine than it has any right to), sparkling cranberry and blueberry juices (possible party drink mixers), English toffee, butter (Cabot's, not the Plugra because I already have two hunks of that. I wouldn't normally need so much fatty dairy in the house, but I'll be cooking for 20+ people the weekend after next), fresh cherry preserves, 144 ounces of chicken broth (five cartons) and five cans of pumpkin puree. Thank goodness we have the storage space. If I had a typically sized NYC apartment, I'd be screwed.

Trader Joe's * 20 Irvington St., Westwood, NJ

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