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Cashmere for Beginners

I?m not sure what it says about me that I find it easier to get to Edison, NJ than Soho, despite the latter being a subway jaunt away. I just never get down to that pocket of Manhattan. But I?d feel like a loser if I didn?t at least pop my head inside the latest temporary NYC Uniqlo (I didn?t partake in the Vice permutation). And I happened to have a hair cut scheduled just a few blocks away, so it fit into my two errands per trek minimum.

Surprisingly, I think the prices were lower on many items. A promotional attention-grabber, I?m guessing. This morning I saw a big full page ad in one of those daily freebies someone was reading on the subway. And while I think the Soho collection was pared down, it seemed comparable to what was offered in New Jersey. The two floor set up made the store seem larger. I refrained from buying anything, but I?ll admit the sweaters are nicer than my cheapie collection that mostly consists of Old Navy and NY & Co. acrylic blends.

Uniqlo Soho * 76 Greene St., New York, NY

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