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Grilled Cheese Salad Can’t be Far Behind

This was the best McDonald’s salad I’ve had so far, and that’s not just because my head cold has rendered my taste buds numb. None of the lettuce was browning or wilted and I actually received croutons and ranch dressing with my BLT Ranch salad, which has never happened before. I didn’t even know McDonald’s had croutons (though when I get them with my Wendy’s salad–every time, thank you–I stash them in my drawer because I can’t bear to throw food away even when I don’t need or want it. The mini packs came in handy one night when I stayed late at work and was starving). Weird. Aren’t there rules and guidelines for franchise consistency? I mean, this isn’t a case of every order being different because it’s handmade and artisanal. This is characterless, prepackaged fare and I'm not going to stand for deviation.


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