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Sometimes you just feel like you're eating a meal with another person, and
sometimes you feel like you're on a date. With its teetering on hip,
bistro-but-not, relaxed vibe, Euzkadi certainly ventures into date

Things started off well with the complimentary olive (and anchovy?)
tapenade with crusty bread (that's replenished without asking. Why are
restaurants so sparing with the starches these days? If I were counting
carbs, I wouldn't be dining out in the first place). A mussel appetizer,
stuffed, bacon-wrapped trout and rabbit with roasted potatoes, prunes, the
odd lardon and a red wine sauce soon followed. Everything was much to my
liking: rich flavors, sweet and savory, autumnal to a tee. With a shared
quince tart and bottle of wine, the meal was rounded out satisfyingly.

The evening was a happy accident. I was originally looking for the
Indonesian a few doors down when I got waylaid by this place. Sometimes
ignoring my usual single-mindedness pays off.

Euzkadi* 108 E. Fourth St., New York, NY

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