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It was another one of those cranky, can't-get-it-together Friday nights.
This time it was James' company Christmas party that put me in a mood. I
don't know why things always have to be a trauma. Instead of the usual
venue, their easily accessible Wall St. office, the party had been moved
uptown to the Children's Museum. Post-dinner festivities were to be held at
some frat bar called the Gin Mill.

My plan was just to show up at the bar for the free drinks part. But
I've never been up to the 80s and tried some random B train that never came
and. By the time I eventually made it uptown, it was midnight, 1 1/2 hours
later, just in time to miss the free drink cut off and be a part of the lame
12:30 last call. I hadn't eaten dinner either, hoping there's be snacks at
least. And believe you me late night dining in this area was a joke. You
don't even want to know how I mad I was.

James tried to save the day by getting his car (the parking lot is
relatively near the neighborhood) and driving me to Florent for mussels and
fries. They did perk me up a bit. I've always been partial to the Belgian
combo at Diner, but Florent's are pretty darn good too. It all depends upon
what borough you're in when the mood strikes. The evening was semi-salvaged.
And like they say you shouldn't go to bed angry, so I didn't. (12/14/01)

Florent * 69 Gansevoort St. New York, NY

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