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Writing Samples: Food & Beverage

I’ve been blogging and writing about food since the turn of the century (yep, before “blogging” was even coined). I’ve also been a columnist at Serious Eats and a regular contributor at, New York Post, and Metromix (r.i.p.).

I also do non-food writing at my day job and elsewhere.

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The Best Tiki Bars for Your Make-Believe Tropical Christmas






Insights on Today’s Tipping Economy from an Employee Perspective

What It’s Like to Run a Kitchen in the Middle of Nowhere



12 Local Boozes Made in Portland 




Chef Alvin Cailan: From Egg Sandwiches to Eggplant Adobo



There Are No Moons Over My Hammy at Denny’s in Japan

rock center logo
Front & Center, the Rockefeller Center Blog
Mighty Milkshakes
Summer Drinks at SixtyFive
Iced Coffee Break


International Intrigue: Why There’s No Shame in Dining at US Chains Abroad

Fast Food International

A column showcasing foreign chain restaurants in NYC

A sampling:
Sushi By-the-Piece at Wasabi, Times Square’s Newest Fast Food Import
A Hundred Bite-Sized Spanish Sandwiches at 100 Montaditos
Sweet and Savory Gelato at L’Albero dei Gelati
A Homier Take on Japanese Fast Food at Ootoya, Now in Times Square and the Flatiron
Jinya Ramen Bar

food republic logo

Thailand: Bangkok Is Crazed With A Hipster Haggis Joint

Foreign Invasion: How Have International Restaurants Changed for NYC Audiences?

An Ode to Forcella’s Neapolitan Pies
The Cashiers at Yip’s Are Consumate Professionals

Restaurant Reviews

(I was a regular contributor 2009-2011. These were originally slideshows.)

Check, Please!
At these eateries, the bill holders are just as noteworthy as the food you’re billed for.

Halloween’s bloodiest bites
I want to suck your blood! And eat it too! In puddings, in sausages, in stews.

Top 5 in NYC: Pioneer Tiki Bars
The NYC Tiki Renaissance™ is upon us. Here are five places that started it all.

Oddball frosties in NYC
Horseradish ice cream: oooh or ewww? The cold truth about NYC’s quirkiest scoops, snow cones and popsicles.

Banh mi ban!
Sick of the overexposed Vietnamese hoagie? Nine other Asian(ish) sandwich substitutes worth checking out.


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