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dallas bbq frozen long island ice tea

Dallas BBQ continues to top itself. Thinking creative Times Square mixology, I went looking for the Red Velvet Piña Colada and shot of Bacardi 151 advertised last month. But no, instead the special was frozen Long Island Ice Tea with an Absolut shooter. Texas-sized, of course. Never mind that while the colors of each cocktail differ wildly (don’t forget the Apple Bottom Royale) they all kind of taste like the same sweet slush.

It’s slightly counter-intuitive but if you’re ever on 42nd St. and can’t take another ambling tourist, you should take refuge at the tri-level Dallas BBQ. There’s never a wait because it’s enormous and it’s filled top to bottom with locals who know how to appreciate a frozen drink.

One thing that BBQ has yet to tap into is the new breed of sweet flavored vodkas. Even an Irish bar in Queens was recently featuring a drink make with whipped cream vodka and gummy bears. And no, I did not order it.

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