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Baby’s First Egg on Roll

Egg on roll split

Memorial Day weekend marks my NYC anniversary. I
don't usually give it much thought, but year 15 seemed like a milestone that
needed to be celebrated. And what better way than with a quintessential foodstuff  that I've never ever tried: the egg on roll.
(The street gyro was taken care of maybe four years ago–the cart hot dog has
yet to happen, and may never.)

Egg on roll wrapped

I suspect that the tastiest is simply the version
that's closest, so that would be Hope Deli's. Definitely deli, not bodega, it's
a kind of pricey, spic-and-span affair (that won't give free matches or extra napkins). Accordingly, what I ended up with was
nicely paper-wrapped instead of foil-smashed, and distressingly ungreasy.

Egg on roll open

In fact, the $4.50 sandwich was light and fluffy
from the roll to the egg. And a little naked for my taste. To further admit my
egg on roll ignorance, I made a point to ask for bacon but didn't realize you
had to request cheese. I assumed it came default.

Aldi cheese

Luckily, I keep a stash of Aldi brand deluxe slices on hand. A little Sriracha didn't hurt either.

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