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Chain Links: Burger Barrage


I feel like I should be excited by Steak 'n Shake coming to NYC but I'm not, and it's not an international chain anyway.

Giaffras sounds more like my kind of chain: cute animal mascot, long history,  strong branding and fast foodizing a cuisine we don't have much of in the US. The Brazilian steak and burger restaurant just opened in Miami. Please bring your estrogonofes and parmeggianas to NYC.

Pret a Manger is crossing the Chunnel and its name could cause problems in France. How gauche is a restaurant called Ready to Eat Food? Wait till Pink Taco shows up in Paris.

In a northwest to slightly less northwest move, Vancourver B.C.'s Vera's Burger Shack will be opening in Portland's Pearl District. As a crusty old-timer, I couldn't patronize in this so-called Pearl District that didn't exisit in my day. (Reading Eater PDX in preparation for my rare trip back home is blowing my mind with neighborhoods I've never heard of: N. Mississippi, Foster-Powell, Central Eastside Industrial, Alphabet District…what?)

Hardees in Kazakhstan will bring “real, American-style charbroiled burgers to the market.”

I'm not sure what Carl's Jr. will import to Indonesia.

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