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Egg Foo Young Makes the World Go Round

Meimei restaurante chino

“Dai Sonxian soon discovered that Libyan women were far larger than the women she dressed in China. So she decided the family would instead profit by feeding them.

Now that’s entrepreneurial. I’ve always been fascinated by the ubiquity of Chinese restaurants around the world, particularly in cities with few fellow countrymen.

I’ve never been in a non-Asian foreign place long enough to justify eating at a Chinese restaurant (though I did eat sushi in Mexico City, not really on purpose) but I’ve definitely seen a few examples in Latin America and Spain. I spotted Meimei recently in Pamplona and Nuevo Siglo was on the same block as my apartment in San Sebastian. The menus at both seemed very Cantonese and not wildly different from what you’d find at an Americanized Chinese restaurant

Nearly every time we’d walk past at night, one of the worker’s daughters would be out fooling around on the delivery motorcycle totally asking for trouble. Sure enough, one time she fell off and the bike toppled over on her and she started yelling “¡Ayúdeme.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a small Chinese kid speaking Spanish before. And yes, James helped her up.

Bombs be damned, al-Maida, the Chinese restaurant in Tripoli featured in the above-mentioned Washington Post article, has a fourquare mayor.

And in Kabul you can play with guns and kittens at Chinese resturant, The Golden Key.

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