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Eaten Not Blogged: Dealing With It

Cucina di Pesce: Embarrassing, though it serves a niche that used to be occupied by 7A, Odessa and San Loco: places you wouldn’t normally eat at unless drunk in the East Village. It’s not often that I find myself drunk in the East Village anymore, so I was surprised as anyone to end up at a restaurant not any better than the Italian-American venues I whine about in my own neighborhood. It is cheaper, though. Nothing is really over $14, including my seafood manicotti in spinach shells that I kept thinking were nori. I wish I had known there was a Groupon deal coinciding with this visit, but this was not a planned meal.

Taste of Tokyo: The only place where I’m a regular. The waitresses all know that my order is sashimi with brown rice. Two visits ago I went wild changed to chirashi with brown rice and freaked everyone out. Salad, miso soup and raw fish for $14.95, more than I normally spend for lunch but ok once a week or so. It’s filling enough and doesn’t put me to sleep the rest of the afternoon. There’s no reason to go, though, unless you work in the vicinity of Hanover Square.

Klee: I’ll admit that I only went because I had a Village Vines discount (by the way, there’s one day left if you want free BlackboardEats codes) and am well on my way to becoming a fixed-income grandma. The dinner menu seems far more interesting than lunch, which is when I stopped by. Soups and sandwiches? Boring. At least they’ve stopped with the breast milk cheese (now we only have breast milk ice cream to contend with). The next time I do an out-of-the-work-neighborhood lunch it will be Ma Peche. 

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