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Chain Links: Schmaltz-and-Seltzer-Free

Kosher_symbols^1 Bringing Jewish deli fare to an Islamic country is a little offbeat, sure. Brooklyn Diner will be opening in Dubai minus pork products and with a few naming tweaks. I survived a rib-less Malaysian Chili’s, but I must admit that calling Kosher salt Sicilian sea salt instead is a bit much. [Insatiable Critic via Eater NY]

Perhaps one should reserve such criticism in Kuwait. A Lebanese food blogger is being sued by Benihana for an unfavorable review that’s fairly mild by Yelp standards. [The National]

In more Midtown to Asia translations, Le Cirque will be expanding to New Delhi. [NYP]

It doesn’t seem odd that McDonald’s has permeated the world, but Wendy’s feels so domestic. Maybe it’s the mascot’s red pig-tails and freckles. Will Argentines embrace Wendy’s? [press release]

Carl’s Jr., on the other hand, seems perfectly suitable for an international audience. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been to the insanely popular one in Singapore twice. Now, the UK will be able to experience one-foot long burgers. [eat out]

Jamba Juice is coming to South Korea’s Incheon International Airport. [QSR]

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