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Barrel of Fun


There are days when I feel like I know a lot of things, and other when everything is completely new to me. KFC Party Barrels supposedly being synonymous with Christmas in Japan falls into that latter category.

The Financial Times reports:

“Through one of the most successful advertising campaigns, which started in 1974, KFC Japan has made eating its chicken meals at Christmas a national custom. This happens on December 23, 24 and 25, but particularly Christmas eve. Sales for the three days are equal to half normal monthly sales, the company says."

And indeed, there is a whole Japanese KFC holiday microsite. The Party Barrel appears to include eight pieces of fried chicken or four pieces with six soy garlic chicken tenders, a “Caesar salad” topped with bacon and grated cheese, a chocolate-hazelnut mousse cake sprinkled with gold dust and a commemorative plate for ¥3880, which is about $46. Extravagant.

McDonald’s is trying to get a piece of that action with their iCon'BOX. And even MOS Burger, known for their namesake foodstuff, is selling Christmas fried chicken. It’s hard to compete with that chocolate cake, though.

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