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Chain Links: McBoda & McFoie


Chinese may have the benefit of officially sanctioned McDonald’s weddings, but Mexicans are going the DIY route—with aplomb; check out those striped socks. Carlos Munoz and Marisela Matienzo were married yesterday at a McDonald’s in Monterrey, “Mexico's most Americanized city.” Watch a video of the “McBoda.” Clowns and a manual typewriter are involved. [Reuters]

Quick, a French fast food chain, will be serving foie gras topped hamburgers for 5 euros for three days in December. Do you think French bloggers will go McRib crazy over the limited edition promotion? [Daily Mail]

Rich Sullivan, a partner in P.F. Chang’s, has opened a new restaurant, Sunshine Moon Peking Pub, in Scottsdale. He claims that it won’t be a chain and that it’s different from P.F. Chang’s because it’s "simpler, warmer and more comfortable." Let’s hope that it fares better than Taneko Japanese Tavern, Sullivan’s last Arizona foray into Asian cuisine. [azcentral]

Photo from Reuters

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